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NOV 1 ALL SOLD OUT! Thank Firkin It's Friday

Thanks to everyone who turned up at for our gig at The Firkin tonight, and sorry to those who couldn't get tickets. We were as surprised as any of you that it sold out!

Stay tuned for a special festival announcement on Twitter very soon. It'll be your last chance to see us before 2014, so be quick and don't miss out...

oct 3 Sarah's X-Factor Comedy EP

Sarah auditioned for X-Factor in June, where she premiered her comedy song 'Louis' to Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger and, of course, Louis Walsh.

The phonelines are closed, the votes are in, and 'Louis' was deleted from digital stores just three weeks after the release date when the target 500 sales were reached. Flightside Pilot Pass holders who would still like a copy should send us a psychic message (or a Tweet) and we'll hook you up!

apr 27 Dumb Boy Release Day Today!

The new Flightside single, Dumb Boy, is out today. Buy it or stream it, and please add it to your playlists and share with your friends.

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